Glow In The Dark Solar System and Stars Wall Stickers



If you wish to create your planetarium, check out our Glow in the Dark Solar System sticker set. It's a set of eight realistic planets, sun, and stars that will create a magical glow when applied to the walls of your room.And because they look just like real planets, it...

    If you wish to create your planetarium, check out our Glow in the Dark Solar System sticker set. It's a set of eight realistic planets, sun, and stars that will create a magical glow when applied to the walls of your room.

    And because they look just like real planets, it will be easier for kids to identify them.

    These are durable glowing stickers with thick fluorescent and high-quality luminous powder that produce a long-lasting glow.

    This is the perfect gift to give not only to kids but those who are fond of stars and planets and want a little magic in their space!

    The package includes:

    Neptune - 6.7"

    Saturn - 6.1"x11"

    Jupiter - 8.7"

    The Sun - 11"

    Venus - 4.7"

    Mercury - 3.1"

    Mars - 3.5"

    Earth - 5.5"

    Uranus - 6.7"


    * 3 - 3.9"

    * 11 - 1.6"

    * 5 - 1"







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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 15 reviews
      Barbara Kiser

      Where is it?

      Amazeballs! They really glow and my 4 year old loves them!!

      I am impressed with the stickiness, overall quality, and the glow in the dark brightness. These look amazing and my 4 year old LOVES his solar system which makes them worth the price!

      Great value, great buy!

      Glows nice and bright, sticks well, super easy to put on and take off. My kids love it

      Moe school

      My daughter and I love looking up at the sky and finding the moon, the stars, and various constellations. I couldn’t get her to go to sleep the first night had the Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets! She loved them so much. You will definitely need to charge them everyday for them to work well, but with the lights being on throughout the day they charge just fine. I did purchase dots (stars) as well to make an entire solar system, and it came out phenomenally. Well worth the price for it all. I hope this helps.

      Thank you so much for your purchase and for this review. We appreciate it so much. We are glad knowing that you are happy and satisfied with the purchase you made. Enjoy your new decor!

      Nicole Monte
      Best planet decals on the market

      Love these stickers! Appealing art during the day and at night when they glow in the dark. Work best when charged for an hour with bright room lighting right before you turn the lights off for nighttime.