Glow In The Dark Throw Blanket With Stars



Q: WHEN IS A BLANKET MORE THAN JUST A BLANKET? A: When it is adorned with  stars and words of encouragement like: Grateful, Harmony, Happy, Peace, Comfort, Relaxing, Hope and Love. Expose the blanket to a bright light or daylight, turn off the lights and watch the magic happen.    ...

  • Q: WHEN IS A BLANKET MORE THAN JUST A BLANKET? A: When it is adorned with  stars and words of encouragement like: Grateful, Harmony, Happy, Peace, Comfort, Relaxing, Hope and Love. Expose the blanket to a bright light or daylight, turn off the lights and watch the magic happen.                                                    
  • REDUCES ANXIETY AND STRESS. Just the thought of being wrapped up in a bundle of plush furry fabric is enough to make you feel safe and snuggled! The blanket which is made of soft fabric is engraved with glow in the dark stars and inspiring words that calms your night time.. The kids will surely love going to bed early with this comfy afghan.

  • Q: IS THERE ANYTHING COZIER THAN A THROW BLANKET? A: Actually yes… the Liderstar’s luminous, gray throw blanket is made of the softest, most velvety, microfiber fleece. It doesn’t wrinkle, won’t fade and doesn’t shed. Snuggle up on bed, on the couch by the TV or at the front porch with this blanket and feel loved!                                       
  • EVERYONE WILL SURELY LOVE IT! - This is the perfect gift for all occasions! This blanket is suitable on bed or couch. The comforting grey color is gender neutral for boys and girls, men and women. If you want to brighten up someone’s else’s day, giving this as a gift is one way to do it! 
  • PERFECT FOR ON ALL WEATHER - buy now and use it on cool summer evenings or cold winter nights. This is perfect for families and friends who want to spend time snuggling up on the bed or on the couch!                               
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - All Liderstar products come with product warranty.. If you are not satisfied with our product. You are free to return and our team will be happy to issue a full refund within 30 days. No questions asked!                                           

Liderstar - your one-stop store for everything celestial!

The Liderstar’s soft, velvety luminous blanket is one of the newest addition to our glow in the dark family! 

This plush, polyester microfiber blanket has all the qualities of your favorite throw blanket and we are happy to elevate the experience further. Our blanket is packed with cute-looking stars and calming words. As the day comes to an end, snuggle up with this blanket and feel the stress of the day leave your body as you travel to dreamland!


This unique microfiber blanket has an amazing glow-in-the-dark design that makes it simply perfect at night time. This special blanket lights up in the dark thus creating a beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom .Just expose it to bright light from a lamp or to natural sunlight on your first use - turn off the lights and see it glow!


Make someone’s night special by giving this as a gift. Words of encouragement such as  grateful, harmony, happy, peace, comfort, relaxing, hope, love are imprinted on the blanket -all glows alongside the stars and moon!


PREMIUM QUALITY: That’s what Liderstar aims for this product. The stars blanket is crafted to perfection with the top quality polyester that is made to last long. The microfiber blanket doesn’t shed, tear or fade after washing. It can leave up its best condition for long periods of time.   


We only use soft fabrics to make you feel homey and snuggled. This blanket will ease you into total comfort and relaxation.

HYPOALLERGENIC: 100% non-toxic materials. This glow in the dark throw blanket is made of fabric with hypoallergenic properties, makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

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