Why Do We Love Dinosaurs?

Aug 05 , 2020

Sarah Packer

Why Do We Love Dinosaurs?


Does your child adore all things prehistoric? Then they will love dinosaur wall decor - especially the kind that glows-in-the-dark!

Why do we love dinosaurs?

When you think of glow-in-the-dark stickers, often it’s of stars. Many of us have had some type of glow-in-the-dark toy or sticker at one point in our life. But how many of those items were dinosaurs?

The concept of creating glow-in-the-dark stickers came into fruition through practical thought but also from the magic of a child’s imagination.

Dinosaurs remind us of an ancient era. 140 – 160 million years ago, these large reptiles were dominating the world. They had evolved from the Spinosaurus in various shapes, sizes, and had a strong ability to survive in different ecosystems.

Although dinosaurs of an animal of the past, they seem to remind us of life itself and how through centuries, life is always transforming. Through digging and scientific research, we have only seen a small snapshot of their existence and how they have lived. There is so much to leave to the imagination. It gives off a feeling of fantasy and what life could have been like for these ancient animals.

Dinosaurs are part of many fairy tales and folklore. One example is that the dinosaurs hadn’t seen the stars, as the stars hadn’t formed yet millions of years ago. There is also a story that when dinosaurs, like stegosaurus, were roaming, the entire solar universe was present on the opposite side of the Milky Way galaxy than where it is now. Wow! What a thought!

There is a lot of similarity between the stars and dinosaurs. They both are unreachable and we can only read about them. Both leave one in amazement and wonder - a special magic potion, that fills your head with dreams. 

We here at LiderStar believe that knowledge is power, but also that learning can be fun. Creating a dinosaur glow-in-the-dark collection was an idea we were so excited to pursue. Kids of all ages will be in awe of these glowing dinosaurs decorating their room and you as the parent, will be satisfied with the quality of the stickers. 

Reach for the stars, but also the imagination! Spark creativity with LiderStar’s glow-in-the-dark decor.

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