What is A Good Toy for an Autistic Child?

Oct 05 , 2021

Trish Sammons

What is A Good Toy for an Autistic Child?

A child on the spectrum has different needs. How they interact, their perception as well interest. 

With autism comes sensory issues. This is why we need to provide them with appropriate activities and  toys that are considered therapeutic. Kids with autism spectrum disorder can either be hyper-sensitive or hypo-sensitive. They react differently to stimuli like light, sound, touch, and taste to name a few. Children with autism who are hyper-sensitive tend to cry, scream or throw tantrums when they are overstimulated. This is a common reaction when their brains receive too much information.

When it comes to toys, learning materials, and activities, you may want to choose something that will aid them with their overall development, and give them comfort without missing out on all the fun. Here is our list of gift items for kids with ASD.


Fidget toys are very popular because of their ability to keep kids calm and focused in times of stress. These toys are very helpful in terms of occupying your kid’s attention, but at the same time give them the mental break they need.


These are small mats with various textures that allow kids to probe through their sense of touch. Children with autism will find it calming and fun using their hands and feet to explore the different characteristics of the mats as they also explain how each one feels.


Weighted plush toys can give kids with autism a sense of comfort and emotional support. Stuffed toys, especially stuffed animals, can help kids who are also experiencing trauma, stress, and anxiety. 


Engaging autistic children with structured play is one way to help them develop a sense of accomplishment at an early age. This type of activity will help them feel that they need to finish a certain task without feeling pressured. Their social skills will also be developed as they will learn how to listen, share and patiently wait for their turn.


Glow in the dark stickers are very stimulating and can benefit both children with autism who are hyper-sensitive and hypo-sensitive. The glow from these stickers offers comfort especially at night which aids them in falling asleep without being bothered by their thoughts.

LIDERSTAR has received a lot of feedback from parents with autistic kids claiming that our Glow in the Dark products like our Solar System and Moon and Stars wall stickers, help their little ones have a better nighttime routine and that they feel more secure. Not only that, but their kids love the glow from our stickers as well! 

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